The Greaseproof Foodsafe paper you need!

As takeaway meals and treats have forcefully become the new norm due to covid rules, we wanted to spread a little creative flair and designed our own printed greaseproof paper. 

This designer paper is -

100% Aussie made

Hand drawn 

Fully recyclable and COMPOSTABLE

Printed with foodsafe, vegan inks 

Available in many different sizes suit all your needs


Here's a few quick ways to use this designer foodsafe paper - 

1. Line the bottom of your takeaway trays 

2. Wrap around your yummy treats and sandwiches

3. Place on your dine-in plates or saucers

4. Line your display cabinets 




This greaseproof foodsafe paper can be custom designed with your own logo or imagery. Just send us an email for a quote. 

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