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Switch to home compostable coffee cups this Plastic Free July

This Plastic Free July make the switch to using less plastic in your home or business. We are proud to be a company that offers compostable packaging products for your cafe or venue. Our home compostable coffee cups and lids are one of a kind and the first without a traditional plastic lining. 

We proudly use 'Truly Eco' which is a new generation of packaging also referred to as 'Aqueous' which are manufactured using a unique water-based barrier coating instead of traditional plastic or bioplastic. They are certified industrial and home compostable to European standards. Unlike current PLA (biocup) and PE paper cups, our product is both fully compostable and recyclable. 

This Plastic Free July we are encouraging fellow businesses to switch to our compostable disposable coffee cups and lids by offering a 10% discount storewide. Simply use the code PLASTICFREEJULY at checkout and it's yours!

Plus if you are local to Seqld, you will receive free shipping over $500.

Truly Eco is available in 8,12,16oz single wall takeaway coffee cups and one 90mm universal paper lid. You also have the option of White or Designer so they will always suit your cafe style. 

Make the switch this July, no make how small. 

- Creative Cafe Company



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