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How to dispose of Home Compostable Takeaway Coffee cups?

Our range of Certified AS5810 Home Compostable takeaway coffee cups are one of the first of their kind so we need to make sure cafes and their customers are informed on how and where to dispose of them properly.

Here’s just a few ways how to save home compostable cups from going to landfill:
✅ Place them in your home compost
✅ Bury them in your garden (we recommend ripping them up first)
✅ Upcycle by planting a seeding inside (then the whole cup and seedling can be planted in the ground when finished)
✅ If you are out and about - Take them to your local 7eleven service station and place in a Simply Cups collection station (view instagram reel here)
✅ You can even encourage a local cafe or business near you to have a Simply Cups collection bin

If you would like to use Simply Cups you can also view their locations here to find your closest collection station. Once collected they upcycle them into new products like asphalt, reusable trays and coffee cups and building materials. Please note: All paper cups and lids are accepted - excluding clear/bioplastic cold cups 🌿

Home compostable coffee cups will break down naturally in just a few weeks, they have no pla/bioplastic or traditional plastic lining. They are future of takeaway packaging to help reduce plastic waste. 


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