Home compostable coffee cups disappear in a few weeks...

Gone in under 3 weeks!

We put our home compostable designer coffee cups to the test with local Gold Coast business Seed the Ground at Miami Compost Hub. 

The lovely Nat and Jess are on a mission to make a difference in their community. They work with some great local cafes by collecting their used coffee grounds, which would of previously gone to landfill and repurposed them into nutrient rich compost which you can purchase.

So you can imagine our delight, when we were approached to send them some samples of our compostable coffee cups to test out in their compost hub. 

They had spotted our designer disposable coffee cups around town and wanted to see for themselves just how compostable our cups really were.

The results left us all proud!

About our cups - Our designer coffee cups are a new generation of 'Truly Eco' material. They are both compostable and recyclable. Unlike PLA which can only be commercially composted and PE which are only sometimes recyclable. Made from sustainably sourced paper with a water-based lining they are the most eco-friendly option on the market right now for disposable coffee cups. (Also known as Aqueous lining)

Here we go...

Day 1  (Brand new cups)

A: 1x 12oz single wall coffee cup went into a worm compost 

B: 1x 12oz single wall coffee cup went into a hot pile compost


Week 1

Both cups had started to break down beautifully, (A) was still whole in shape but could be easily pulled apart and (B) was just a slimly sheet of mushy paper.


Week 2-3

After a little searching by Seed the Ground, both cups were unable to be found to show the next results, confirming they had both already broken down completely. 

'This is the only take away coffee cup that we have seen breakdown in our composting systems' quoted from the ladies at Seed the Ground on Instragram.

You can see all videos with commentary on our instagram page @creativecafe.company in the highlights tab 'composting'. 

You can also view a quick instagram reel we made here


home compostable seed the ground coffee grounds coffee cups 

Nat and Jess had previously put a Biocup (made from PLA/bioplastic) into the same testing bins and after 3 weeks there was no change to the cup at all that they decided to remove the cup and cancel the test. 


Our cups are available for any business or cafe to purchase via our website. We have made the ordering system easy and straight forward. 

Contact us directly if you have any questions about our products or you can also order some FREE SAMPLES on our website to test yourself.

Happy Composting ūüĆĪ¬†


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